hi i have a problem I CANT DOWNLOAD my programs to my X-RCU > it works fine and all bot it just docent download p.s i use windows vista


Dear Om@r, Could you pls try the following tthree methods: 1. In RoboExp software, click in turn "Tool", "Options", "Software Type", "XRCU". This is to ensure that you're using the right software type to match with your hardware. 2. The XRCU gets 32k storage, so pls make sure that your program is within this limit. 3. Try to operate in Windows XP or other operating system. BTW, could you pls try NOT to install ROBOEXP in system disk? If the problems remains, pls contact us at
hi i have a problem I CANT DOWNLOAD my programs to my X-RCU > it works fine and all bot it just docent download & roboEXP v3.4 p.s i use windows vista


Dear Om@r, Your question has been replied in the above message.
hi, from where could buy the sensors that is on this web site??


Dear Jhon, Could you tell us your location? So that we can introduce the local agent/distributor to you.
Omar AL-Bahnasi    
hey I am omar Al-BahnasiFrom Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia and every time I download the Installing RoboEXP it says Error: File not Found So what do i do ? and what is these FILE ?


Dear Omar Al-Bahnasi, Thank you for telling us about the problem. Could you pls us more the details? Such as the your download operation. If possible, pls contact us by or, and provide relative photo of the problems to us. Thanks a lot.
Does roboEXP v3.4 work with vista? (intel pentium) Thank you


Dear Fatoosh, RoboEXP V3.4 works with vista. Have you got any problems on it?
Hi there. I bought the Robotic arm, and installed the software that came with the CD (miniservo explorer english). While the program by itself seems to work fine, I can't download anything to the robot arm. For some reason every time I try to choose a port to download the programs, the program says that the port it's already occcupied, and it doesn't matter if I already plugged the RS 232 cable. So, can you help fix this problem? and would you mind to tell me if the cable it's plug and play? Thanks.


Dear ARM: Could you pls try the following steps? Step one: Make sure the PC serial port isn't taken by other software. Step two: Run 'MiniServo Explorer' and select the right port (the one checked in Step one) Step three: connect PC and servo control board (download socket) via serial download cable, Step four: Power on the servo control board and press the download button of 'MiniServo explorer english'. Pls contact us by mail to if you got further problems.
Hi. Where it is possible to take more detailed engineering specifications on the JMSC16 Servomotors Control Board?


Dear DK, For detailed information, pls download the "Servo Control Protocol" at here For other information, pls contact us via or
How come i got the following error message when i compile?! avr-gcc.exe: installation problem, cannot exec 'cc1': No such file or directory


Dear Jason, There are two ways to deal with this problem. The first way is to update the software to V3.4. The second way is to copy the cc1.exe and cc1plus.exe (under avr-gcc directory) to the avr-gcc\bin directory. BTW, could you tell us about the version of roboexp and your operating system? For further questions, you can contact us via mailbox or
Hello. I bought a IQ Bug - Ai Robot Beetle. But I have some problems. I do not succed to download a program in it with "RobotExpress". I can control my robot with IQ bug Explorer (that shows me that the connection and the robot are okay). But when I want to download a program with robot express the scroll bar doesn't move and the robot continue to sings (when I launch IQ bug explorer the robot stops singing). I try in different computer and under win xp and 2000, and it is always the same problem can not download program I developed. (I use Rechargable batteries). Thanks a lot. (one more question : what is AVRprog for?)


Hello, Berenger, To ensure what kind of IQ-BUG you have brought, please check the receipt. According to your description, you may buy the Model BG-1000. TO USE IQ-BUG EXPLORER is ok. Maybe there is a little problem occurred in the installation. Please try to use the solution in the annex of the email. AVRPROGis an old program for some geekers to write their own program instead of IQ-bug Explorer. Unless you decide not to use our software, or do not use AVRprog. If there are any questions, please continue to e-mail us.
Imran Premji    
Hello, I have a Joinmax Robotic Arm with 6 degrees of freedom and when I try to download the program from Mini Servo Explorer it says "Download Failed", what is the problem? Thanks.


To make sure, we need to know two things: which model does your servomotor control board belong to? And the version of your software MiniServoExplorer? (And if possible, please send us the print screen pictures of the problem.) Based on the above data, there are three things to go. 1. Check whether your robot arm could be on-line controlled. 2. Check the setting of the switch, which is labled "SW2" on the board. The No1 and No2 jumpers should be on "on" position, while No3 and No4 should be on "off" position. The setting has been written on the manual "Joinmax Robotic Arm Kit", so please refer to page 22 and page 23 "3.2.4 PORTS OF JM-SSC16" for details. 3. Check the voltage of your power supply. This part is on page 21 and page 22. To make things clear, could you pls contact
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