Hello,I have Joinmax Robotic Arm but when I trying download my programm from Mini Servo ExplorerTM software to controler in the arm it show "download failed".Where is the problem?I have windows HP.


[face=Verdana]Hi, Andrey. Before we move on to settle the problem, would you please tell us the model of your servo control board? Since the function might vary for different boards. (By the way, your email has been replied. )[/face]
Do have resellers in Australia ? If not, where would be the best place to order from? Thanks, Brendan.


Dear Brendan, Well, we're still locating resellers in Australia. So the best place for you to place the order would be our headquarter in China. You could reach me at At your service anytime.
I bought IQ Bug for my daughter, but IQ Bug Explorer has a real 'bug' - it hangs. I can do Testing (to check that COM port and device is OK) but any other action crashes IQ Bug Explorer. HELP! HELP! HELP!


Dear Ku3n,   I'm afraid the problem is still vague to us by mere words.   Could you please tell us about your operating system, and send us the pictures of those errors? (You could take pictures by using the "printscreen" key of the keyboard.) The data could help us understand the issue better.   You could reach us at Or call (86)20-84134792-198 directly. Thank you for the feedback.
Oscar Navas    
I bought a join max robot dog and i cant find useful information for making it work, there is no manual about the specific controller board he has, i dont know how to make him go online or offline, in your web there isnt anything about it.... please send me succesful information, not the 10 pages manual that doesnt tell me shit... Please !


Dear Oscar, robot dog information is not put in our website, for the servo series is under improvement now and no relative promotion is on. About the robot dog manual, it is supposed to come along with the product. In it, there is detailed instruction about the "mini servo" programming software which controls the control board. Could you tell me your email? So that we could provide you the correct manual of 30 pages and other data on demand. you could reach me at
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