Dear Ahmed,  It''''s really easy, you can DIY your own robot, or follow the instructions provided. Which model did you buy?
Hi, <br /><br />Where can I find more detailed engineering specifications of the high power motor 3526?<br /><br />Thanks!


Dear Vincent,  What kind of information you''re looking for? For what purpose?
Is it possible to change the hardware address of the compound eye from 0x01 to something like 0x15?


Dear Josh, It is possible. To do it, send it back to us. The module library needs updating too.
Hello. I have the advanced compass and want to interface to an arduino but I do not know how many bytes of data it returns. could someone tell me how many bytes it returns. Thanks.


Dear Platypus, 2 bytes.
I would like to interface the advanced compass to an arduino but I do not know its I2C hardware address. Could someone let me know its hardware address. Thanks.


Dear Platypus, The address is 0x3B.
Hello, I have a set of xrcu. Recently , I downloaded a program but accidental off the robot. This resulted in the firmware crash. I've downloaded the firmware from this website but I have no idea of how to flash the firmware. Are you able to help me out ? Thanks in advance.


Dear JiaMing, X1RCU has firmware upgrade function, XRCU doesn't have. What happened to your XRCU? Can it download program? Send photos and details of the problem to for further problem shooting. THX.
I have a joinmax dog. The documentations didn't have any info. on jumper 2 to jumper 7. Either jumper 3 or jumper 6 is connected right now on the pc board. Please provide me with j2-j7 infos. Are there any dog walking sequences anywhere? I want to make my dog walk but you should provide some programming samples. I could not find on the cd-rom or on your webside.


Dear Boss, Could you take some photos of the PCB, and sent to Describe your need. And pls send Invoice of the purchase. Thx. Sample program for robot dog
Hi, can I have the list of i2c commands and addresses for the compound eye (JMP-BE-1725) and the solenoid kicker driver? thanks


Dear Joe, Happy New Year! JMP-BE-1725 compound eye's I2C hardware address is 0x01. Follow the standard I2C protocol and the information can be read in way of MASTER READ. What is "the solenoid kicker driver"?
Hi, I would like the support tell me how to buy the products(Single products not Whole buy) from the site also how to ship it to saudi arabia, Jeddah. thank you


Dear Waleed, Thanks for your enquiry. Email sent to you, pls check. Pls feel free to contact us if there is further questions.
Hi I have and SuperRCU and a X1RCU I also have a spare lego NXT light sensor How can I make my Super RCU read it? How do I send out I2C commands in RoboEXP? Thanks Please reply ASAP


Dear Johnny, Thanks for your support to JoinMax! It's not recommended to use goods of different brands together, for they might not be compatible in design. If you insist on combining them, please contact your sellers of the two brands for local help. In RoboExpress, every module has its own icon, you can just send orders via the icon. Refer to Example Program and the course attached in software, should not be hard to understand.
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