hi, Please I need a help I have basic RCU I need to know how I can use the grayscale be-1111 when it is connected to motor wich will work when the color of ground is black . If you can give me .rcu file not the one in the software I will be glad . Thanks.


Dear Waleed, Thanks for using the grayscale. It might be complicated if we use simple words to describe the usage. Could you tell us a way to send you the step by step manual with photos regarding the grayscale? (You know photos cannot be displayed in this page.) Awaiting your email (to Message here is ok too.
do you have any sales in Hong Kong? I want to buy some kits but i don't know how/where to buy???


Dear Pang, We have agent in HK. The information can be got here
sorry i didnt recieve ur mail plz give me price of the robot which model is JMC-GL-2215X give me dealer price coz i need 10 pcs thanx


Dear Ayman, Could you tell which product you're interested in? We don't have gl-2215X. Besides, could you contact us by another email address? For we've answered you last time. If it failed to reach you, maybe we can try another mail. Awaiting your email.
Hello my Computer does not have a programming CPU Is it Vista !?!?


Dear Anas, Any problem with your pc? It's recommended to contact your pc supplier for appropriate help. If you have any problem with RoboEXP, pls descripe it more, with photoes will be better, and email us at Thanks.
may i asking about software's tutorial "mini servo explorer" tanks


Dear Een, Could you pls explain your question a little bit more? Email to Thanks.
please, send me price for robot kit joinmax jmc-gl-2215n


Dear Ayman, Thanks a lot for your support to us. Your email has been answered.
how can i buy joinmax kits? and how much does it cost (v4)with shipping to Saudia Arabia?


Dear Nabeel, Could you pls leave your contact information by email to Then we can arrangement local distributor to take care of your issue.
hallo how can i porgram the flame sincar in (if)


Dear Ali, There is example program in the software. Location of sample programs in setup disk: C:\RoboEXP\V301\RCU30\chs\Examples\PhotoElectricity\FlameTest\FlameTest.rcu If you still get question, pls leave us email at
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Hello Can I uplod the program from joinmax to pc and how?


Pls refer to reply of previous message. Thanks.
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